20 fév

Tassie in a campervan – day 5

Day 5 : Kempton – Hobart

This morning we left Kempton early to drive to the Mount Field National Park. We’ve seen Russel Falls waterfalls, it’s a walk through the rainforest to go to those waterfalls. We even saw a Tasmanian pademelon jump just in front of us.

The park was really impressive, the trees are immense and vegetation is everywhere, invading everything. Hopefully we still haven’t seen any big spider.

Russel Falls

After that we drove to the Bonorong Widlife Sanctuary, this is a sanctuary for animals who are sick or hurt or abandoned. Once they are in better health they are reintroduce in their natural habitat.

They mainly have Australian animals, especially kangaroos, some koalas and many tasmanian devils. The kangaroos are going freely in the park and when you pay your ticket you get a bag of kangaroo food so you can feed them and pet them ! I’ve spent a lot of time feeding them as Antoine gave me his bag of food, i was even making plans to leave with one of them but kangaroos are quite big, too big to fit in my bag…

We also had a guided tour to learn more about wombats, koalas and tasmanian devils. And we could pet the wombat and the koala, so i’ve made a top 3 of the softest animals :
– 3rd : the wombat
– 2nd : the koala
– 1st : the kangaroo (even if the old ones are less soft)

It really was a super nice place, I’ve absolutely loved to be able to pet the animals, especially the kangaroos (and I think they were happy to be fed). I think Antoine took maybe 200 + pics of me feeding kangaroos so we’ll had some when the pictures will be ready.




And now we’re back in Hobart for our last night in Tasmania.

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