11 mar

Next parts of the trip :

  • Tomorrow (12th of march) we rent a campervan* again for 8 days and we’re going to Sydney
  • We’ll stay in Sydney from the 19th of march to the 31st of march
  • On the 31st we’ll take the train to go to Brisbane, it’s a 14h30 journey, we’ll be in Brisbane the 1st of april
  • We plan to stay a week in Brisbane, we’re still looking for an airbnb

After that we haven’t planned yet and we’re not sure of the dates, all I can say is that it should be breathtaking and spectacular… #teasing

* story of the campervan : We’ve booked it really in advance because we wanted something quite cheap, we even took a campervan smaller than the usual. This morning the phone ring, it’s Motorhome Republic saying that the campervan had an accident and is completely wrecked. No way for us to take this one, we’re supposed to leave tomorrow at 10h30 and there’s nothing else available. The guy from Motorhome Republic spent a part of his day ringing every car rental to find us another campervan and he found one, but 270$ more expensive. He’s going to see with his boss if he can obtain a bargain for it.
Anyway, we’re relieved because for a few hours today we were wondering how to go to Sydney. Hopefully our lovely hosts here in Melbourne told us we could stay more if we needed it.

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